PinkPea Finance

What is PinkPea Finance?

The PinkPea Finance optimizer is a fully integrated seamless solution on Aurora that allows any DeFi user to accomplish their financial tasks without intermediaries. Within the PinkPea Finance ecosystem, users can quickly and efficiently complete everything they need without chain-hopping or fee-watching. Effortlessly save, compound, lend, borrow, trade derivatives and manage risk all in one place.

That is why we created PinkPea.

Why is PinkPea Finance Building On NEAR Protocol and Aurora?

NEAR Protocol

100,000 TPS potential. Unprecedented speed and scalability.

Transaction fees are 1000 - 10000x cheaper than Ethereum.

Built for building blockchain native mobile dApps.

Certified carbon neutral ensures PinkPea Finance meets ESG/SRI standards.

In tune with industry demands. First-class support for NFTs and DAOs.


Automatically be fully Ethereum compatible. Most advanced EVM on the market.

2 second finality. Gasless meta transactions.

Aurora Bridge, part of the NEAR Rainbow Bridge, is the only fully trustless asset bridge in the Ethereum industry.

NEP-141 and NFT transfers.

First-class global team & exploding ecosystem.

High caliber dApps.

The perfect home for PinkPea Finance.

What makes PinkPea Finance unique?

PinkPea Finance offers DeFi alpha hunters unique cutting-edge tools unavailable elsewhere everything they need to beat the market in one place.

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