PinkPea DAO

The PinkPea DAO governs PinkPea Finance, which is controlled by holders of the vePEA token through proposals and voting.ting

The PinkPea Finance vePEA Governance Token

vePEA is the only governance token in the PinkPea DAO. vePEA holders use it to vote on proposals and make decisions on the development of PinkPea Finance. Also, vePEA can trade as an NFT within and beyond the PinkPea ecosystem.

Proposals, Voting and Epochs

VPs need to hold at least 5000 vePEA, or 0.5% of the total vePEA, to initiate proposals.

The amount of vePEA >=max{0.5%*total vePEA, 5000}

Proposals are only valid if at least 40% of vePEA participates in the vote.

PinkPea DAO applies a simple majority rule; the highest number of vePEA wins.

The DAO decides two things during each two-week epoch. Pool gauges and booster rates. Proposals and voting can adjust the epoch length.

Gauge Weight

In PinkPea Finance, APY is related to the vePEA held by the user. The more vePEA you stake, the higher the weight and the greater the weighted APY.

PinkPea Finance NFT

It is possible to trade vePEA wrapped in the PinkPea NFT (PPT). A single address can hold no more than 10 PPTvePEAs. PPT supports split/merge functions, and more than 10 PPTvePEAs must merge, or new PPTvePEAs cannot be received.

The generated NFT contains the number of PEAs, the remaining unlock time and the number of vePEA. After NFT generation, the corresponding PEA will be unstaked and transferred into the NFT with the vePEA. This part of the vePEA is also not boosted until destroyed.

The NFT can trade with the transaction price determined by the owner.

When destroying the NFT, the user will weigh the unlocking time of pea with the previous one to obtain a new unlocking time, and simultaneously, vePEA will start to boost again.

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