Is PinkPea audited?

PinkPea Finance is currently being audited by two professional auditing firms, Lunaray and Certik, and the audit report will be available soon.

What is a yield optimizer?

A yield optimizer is an automated service that seeks to gain the maximum possible return on crypto investments much more efficiently than attempting to maximize yield through manual means.

Each vault has its unique strategy for farming, which involves the reinvestment of crypto assets staked in liquidity pools. The optimizer farms the rewards from staked assets and then reinvests them into the liquidity pool. This process compounds the amount of interest received and increases the number of assets staked that generate yield. A yield optimizer can repeat this process thousands of times a day.

What’s the difference between APR and APY?

APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is the yearly interest minus fees. APR does not include compounding effects that occur from reinvesting profits. If you invested $100 with 100% APR, you would make $100 in profit in one year.

If you regularly reinvest your profits, you will compound your interest. Calculated over a year gives you your APY (Annual Percentage Yield). The more often you compound, the more difference between APR and APY.

How do we add Vaults to PinkPea Finance?

A new Vaults can be discussed or proposed in our Telegram group. Our team then adds the strategy to a list, which we prioritize based on its APY, TVL, and sustainability. Our developers/strategists then attack the list from top to bottom.

Does the performance fee get taken out when I withdraw my funds?

PinkPea does not charge any fees when withdrawing assets.

What risks do the vaults have?

Even auditing does not mean a vault is entirely risk-free. Below are some of the general risks of a Vault:

Assets deposited into the vault have no risk of decreasing in quantity but can decrease in monetary value.

Like all smart contracts, smart contracts are at risk of being stolen. PinkPea Finance takes the necessary steps to invite a professional audit team to conduct an audit and ensure that our contracts meet specific requirements under strict conditions.

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