Guide to Auto-compounding Your Yield With PinkPea Finance Vaults.

1、How do you transfer assets to the AURORA chain?

(1)Withdraw the assets you want to stake to a public chain, such as ETH, BSC, AVAX, or the NEAR Protocol, through a centralized exchange.

(2) Cross-chain your assets to the AURORA chain using one of the cross-chain bridges listed below. The process of cross-chaining may consume some GAS or suffer some slippage. Please check carefully before cross-chaining.

Cross-chain bridge:






2、How do you switch to the AURORA network?

(1)Login to the PinkPea Finance website, and click [LAUNCH APP] on the top right corner to enter the dApp.

(2)Click [WRONG NETWORK] to switch the network to the AURORA chain, then click [CONNECT] to connect to the wallet.

3、How do you add assets to LP pools to start auto-compounding mining and receiving PEA Token rewards?

Using USDC-USDT as an example:

(1)Find the USDC-USDT LP and click [Add Liquidity] to enter Trisolaris and add assets.

(2)Enter the quantity you want to add and click [Supply] to start staking and receiving LP rewards.

(3)Go back to PinkPea Finance, find the [USDC-USDT LP] pool button, click [MAX] or enter the quantity manually, then click [DEPOSIT] to finish staking your assets.

(4)Once started, PinkPea Finance will automatically add your LP revenue to the LP assets you deposited so they compound. You can withdraw your principal and compounded returns at any time.

4、How do you withdraw the assets you staked?

Using USDC-USDT as an example:

(1)If you want to withdraw your assets, you can click on [USDC-USDT LP], enter the quantity, and click [WITHDRAW] to remove your LP assets from the pool.

(2)Click [Add Liquidity] to jump to the Trisolaris page.

(3)Enter the Trisolaris page and click the [Remove] button.

(4)After entering the remove liquidity page, enter the quantity, and then click [Approved], then [Remove] in turn to withdraw your assets.

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