There are more than a dozen full-time members in the PinkPea team. Each team member has rich experience in the blockchain industry and is familiar with the design, development, operation, and market of DeFi projects.

Humbert Founder & Head of Technology

A computer science graduate, Humbert has over ten years of experience in tech development. Since 2016 he has worked on blockchains and CEX/DEX exchanges with rich experience in various forms of Defi System development.

Pete Donaldson Head of Marketing

More than 20 years of experience in content and marketing, since 2018, focused on blockchain, Web3, fintech, and cryptocurrency. Blockchain music streaming dApp co-founder, record label founder, and international music festival founder. Strong business development, professionally skilled in project management, marketing & strategy, event planning & execution.

Alfred Head of Product

More than 10 years experience building internet products, with 6 years in internet finance and quantitative trading, and 5 years with centralized and decentralized blockchain products. Successfully built multiple products from the ground up. Excellent business logic and product design skills.

Donny Head of Community

Donny has been working in the blockchain industry for five years, since 2017. From 2019 onward, he has been responsible for the operations of DeFi projects. Donny has a deep and rich experience of DEX, Lending, and Vault operations.

Alice Head of Business Development

Over 5 years experience in corporate development and marketing in crypto funds, incubators and various CEXs. A deep understanding of crypto project operations. Prior to that, she was an entrepreneur in traditional fintech and trade fi sectors.

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