Why Create PinkPea Finance?

Due to the continuous improvement of underlying protocols and product offerings, DeFi users have numerous financial instruments they can choose to carry out complex operations, such as saving, lending, borrowing, liquidity mining, etc. Many dApps run on multiple chains and wallets, resulting in unnecessary transactions and swaps, which incur fees, to accomplish what should be straightforward, seamless operations. There is an immense need for a one-stop solution that allows users to access and control their assets, providing all the instruments needed to self-manage their wealth.

We created PinkPea Finance toto solve these problems and allow any DeFi user to accomplish their financial tasks without intermediaries. Within the PinkPea Finance ecosystem, users can quickly and efficiently complete everything they need without chain-hopping or fee-watching. Effortlessly save, compound, lend, borrow, trade derivatives and manage risk all in one place.

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