Partner Pools

Partner Pools Partner Pools present an upgraded version of Vault's single-sided and liquidity provider pools to provide users with more rewards. We welcome long-term partnerships with other DeFi protocols. Benefits for our partners include increased TVL and awareness of their protocol, along with an innovative solution for partners to issue their tokens through our extra reward NFT. Users of the Partner Pools benefit from higher returns rates than the regular Vaults.

Type of Partner Pools

  1. Fixed APY, limited amount, and limited-time offering (NFT Token Lock-up available).

  2. Flexible APY, no limit on investment (NFT Token Lock-up available).

Partner Pool Rewards

After users deposit assets into partner pools, they will receive standard APY interest, as well as PinkPea Finance exclusive bonus rewards.

Standard APY interest

Standard APY interest is paid the same way as Vaults. Users deposit their assets and automatically accumulate compounded returns.

PinkPea Finance exclusive bonus rewards NFT

a) A share of 5% of the total supply of the PinkPea Finance token PEA, mined within the first 24 months, decreasing every six months.

b) Receive a share of our partners' tokens. Once reviewed and approved by vote through the PinkPea DAO, they can launch in our Partner Pools, and users can receive rewards according to the distribution rules.

NFT token lock-up conditions

When users claim PinkPea Finance bonus rewards, they will receive a PinkPea NFT (PPT), which contains their bonus. All the tokens, the PEA and the partner project tokens, will be linearly vested in a pre-set time zone.

Prerequisites for Partner Pools

  1. Be already providing a single asset or liquidity provider.

  2. Vault or Leverage Pool. An extra reward is required. Partners must provide an additional bonus reward to users.

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